Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remembering Ondoy and Facebook bashing of MMDA. :)

After Bashing DPWH, let me take a shot at the MMDA. I have a lot of hate to spread. Haha. Marcos Highway, where I unwillingly spend a good number of hours per day, is not only covered with potholes and uneven asphalt with the traffic severely mismanaged, but did you (meaning MMDA) notice the incessant flooding? Hello RA 7924 Section 3! Please introduce yourselves to the officers of this prestigious organization. You might have been forgotten amidst the politicking and the printing of tarps with their faces on with people’s money.
After a few hours of rain, our area already gets inches of rainwater. This is an ACTUAL picture of the severity of the flooding problem:

Can you see the brown area? That is actual water. This is not photoshopped. I would really die early of a high blood pressure if I go through this day in and day out. NAG MODE ON.
There have been conspiracy theories that the Ondoy problem was not a result of force majeure but rather a result of a number of bad choices made in a panic at the same time. I think it was a little bit of both. We were Ondoy victims. I had to physically wade through chest deep water to get to my house which was already flooded and a couple of hours of rain after, it was already more than halfway through the first floor of the house.
I went home very tired during a nonrushhour hour and was smacked in the face with a flooded pothole-ridden road with jeeps stopping everywhere and MMDAs smoking on the corner of the malls talking to their kumpares. The sad thing is, nobody is honking their horns. Nobody cares anymore. People who live there are jaded since they are used to a 45-minute wait for 300 meter distances. Not me. I’ll be grinding my teeth till I get old. Call me a sap. Maybe I trust too much in people, I expect more from them and when they fail me, I really am floored.
MMDA, in a nutshell, you suck. Please fix the problem of the messy U-Turns, stop WAITING for people to mess up before you collect their drivers licenses or worse, kotong money. Assist them, don’t wait, for the drivers to mess up. Also, don’t let your jeepney driver friends stop wherever they want. Millions of tax money is spent on these commuter sheds for a reason.    
By Trisha Isabelle F. Fernandez Entry #06

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