Thursday, January 12, 2012


In today’s world, you are your own Beethoven.

It is much safe to say that a man of Beethoven’s genius will never again live in the world of music. But with the state of technology today, treading the path of music on your own, has become akin to playing in the backyard. Of course, there is no sure guarantee that in no time Beethovens or Mozarts are going to be produced like automobiles being churned out from production lines. However, increasing avenues are being opened to let the world recognize potential (not to mention horrendous) musical talents, prodigious musical talent even.

Meet Jonas Cano, a twelve-year old boy from the province of Leyte.

A special child, Jonas idolized the famous Filipino band Slapshock and the hardcore rock music they play. He loved playing the drums. Born of a poor family, he made his own drum set using old and used tin cans, or lata in the vernacular. Through the Internet, he learned to play the drums using his improvised drum set and in no time was playing like a professional drummer. Eventually, Jonas became a hit online, and Slapshock came to know of their number one fan. The band invited him in one of their gigs, and Jonas did not disappoint. He simply blew away everyone who watched him ‘drummed.’ Slapshock, in awe, gave him his very own professional drum set.

The Internet has revolutionized the integration of music in people’s lives. The world now is literally our stage, and every waking moment, if any individual is up to it, he can take the initiative and be his own Elvis Presley or Madonna. But Internet has become more than just a platform for personal musical effusion. The story of Jonas shows that online connectivity has created possibilities for so many individuals to pursue musical endeavors otherwise constricted by the boundaries of their own personal lives. Suddenly, one does not need any formal training or instruction to learn the beauty of rhythm and melody with a musical instrument. The Internet has provided the interface for individuals to create their own music conservatories right inside the comfort of their homes. An individual’s musical development of course is another story. It is undeniable, however, that musical education has never been this close to human beings.

Now if only I had Jonas’ talent.

Aldan S. Avila, Entry No. 4

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