Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bourne Legacy Mania

I am just proud that Bourne Legacy is shooting some of its scenes in the Philippines. Or do I need to be proud? The reason why they chose Philippines might not be because the places are beautiful here but because they need a filthy place which the story requires. In any event, people around the selected places are happy because they see beautiful Hollywood faces. Some of the people will even play extra in the movie and get paid for it. Everybody just talks about the movie because everybody is so proud.
This is the reason why a lot of people would want to take a picture of the set especially a picture of the Hollywood stars. But taking pictures is being prohibited by the movie management because it is now so easy to disseminate such thru the internet and it might prejudice their movie. They don’t want to expose even a bit of the scenes.
Where is the marketing person of this movie? I want to give him one crucial fact. The movie will gain more interest from the people if some scenes will be exposed. Yes. It’s quite ironic. But people will love it especially Filipinos. They want to have a glimpse of the movie and their curiousness will set in. They would want to check out in the movie what they have seen in shooting. That is how a Filipino thinks. And more pictures from the shooting will bring more buzz to the public. That is publicity.
I am sure that Bourne Legacy will be supported by the Filipinos. Not only because some of the scenes were shot in the Philippines but also because of the publicity that people brought about.

Adrian Francis S. Bustos, Entry #6

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