Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Chef

Masterchef Australia, after my DVD marathon during the break, showed that a couple of lawyers and a law student have applied and qualified to be a master chef. Infact a lawyer, with Japanese origins, Adam, took home the prestigious title. It is kind of sad that I never had to get the time to continue my cooking passion. When I graduated high school, I wanted to go to culinary school. But my parents told me that it was a better idea to have an undergrad title under my belt. When I graduated, they said that I should take a law aptitude exam, and I passed. So I was torn between going into a well respected institution or follow my lifelong dream of being a chef.
Cooking and Law might seem like be worlds apart but as masterchef disproved, it might not be so different after all. Both require meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of the basics. It doesn’t matter if all that is being cooked is a piece of egg, what matters is that you have the correct tools and more importantly, the skill to actually execute the problem. Top Chef, another one of my DVD marathon choices during sem break, is like a cooking show on steroids. I very well imagine that life in the law firm would be the same. 30 minutes for a quickfire is equivalent to a day of meeting a deadline for a petition that should be done 15 minutes ago.
Now I should focus more on the petitions and less on the eggs. Haha. I have OLA tomorrow.
By Trisha Isabelle F. Fernandez Entry #03

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Eli said...

my favorite career path is that of jeffrey steingarten's: lawyer, vogue mag food columnist/critic, bestselling author, iron chef judge. and probably the most knowledgeable person when it comes to food to ever live.