Thursday, January 12, 2012

Applied Gadgetry Series: Canon EOS 600D

One of the carry-over interests I had before law school was my love for photography. I have a couple of lomography cameras, an analog SLR, and I exchanged my old DSLR for a new DSLR, the Canon EOS 600D.

There is always a discussion about what the better DSLR product is between Canon or Nikon, but I won't get into that, other than my Mom's been using Canon since forever, the after purchase service is really good, and I like the user-friendly interface.

What I do love about the 600D is its flip-out LCD monitor, which makes live view shooting a lot more convenient, especially during unexpected instances and with a swarm of other people, than having to literally find a spot to ensure that one gets a photo of the subject. This is actually the only reason I gave up my 500D, which almost has the same features. Most amateur DSLRs have the same features, some slightly updated than the other, and the feel of the body and the interface would be different, and one must personally acquaint oneself with the lingo before actually buying one.

Do I recommend it for busy professionals? It's quite costly, ranging from $530 to $650, so not really, unless one wants to really learn and perhaps make a moonlight career out of taking photos. The EOS 600D is almost an enthusiast's DSLR.

It's quite heavy and bulky too at 570 g. and 99.5 x 133 x 80 mm., which makes it inconvenient carry. However, the craze about DSLRs is the truly the quality of the photos. When you're busy and missing out on a lot of things, having stellar photographs during the very rare Holidays (and posting them on Facebook or Flick) is such happiness. With 18.7 MP, the quality of the images is superbly sharp, and with a sensitivity span of ISO 100 to 6400 (and an extension of up to 12,800!), images with ISO 1600 are just stunning.

The verdict: Get any DSLR with the highest mega-pixels that you can afford.

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Mary Rhauline Lambino, Entry No. 4

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