Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(#6) IPR: Of Ownership and Social Justice

Those who copy and reproduce/distribute copyrighted materials like movies, music, software, etc., and make them available for free or at a much cheaper price are actually more of the modern-day Robinhood. People patronize and support them. That's why despite efforts to combat pirated dvds, cds, etc., the authorities still could not eradicate them. Besides, it's easier now because netizens themselves can just download what they want. It's like an uprising against the establishment which protects and monopolizes.

They say that copyright gives incentives and rewards for creativity. ROI, what's-in-it-for-me - that's understandable. But i think it's open source and creative commons that foster creativity and innovation more because other people can improve on others' creations. In addition, it is equitable because it makes
information available to those who cannot afford them.

Although it may seem like it's capitalism versus socialism all over again, it's not necessarily the case because I'm sure that creators can have other means of gaining compensation or realizing profit from their work aside from copyright, which is actually better for competition.

Luisa Manalaysay
Entry No. 6

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