Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Welcome Internet Explorer 9

I read* that Microsoft is adding privacy options to its newest browser, Internet Explorer (IE) 9. The new feature has the ability to prevent tracking by third-party websites as we surf the internet. Microsoft says that this tracking protection is designed to help its consumers be in control of possible online tracking. Users of IE9 who want to use the tracking protection will have to create lists of the third-party websites that they want to be protected from. The software is scheduled to be released early next year.

I think this new feature has at least two benefits for the consuming public. For one, it will give an option for internet users to actually control and limit the information it exchanges with websites and exercise their right to privacy. Secondly, it will stir awareness among the consuming public on incidence of information tracking online. Familiarity with this feature may cause for further efforts to value privacy on the internet. It may spark possible legislative ideas or be a concern of executive regulations as what happened in the case of the US. If it raises itself to be a concern of the millions of Filipinos using the internet, the privacy protection may not only reach software-using as means of protection, but may(be) go as far as penalizing third-party websites which use the tracked information without the surfer’s consent.

I welcome IE9 as a responsible innovation by the software and internet industries. I appreciate that it envisions to put a balance between a highly globalized but invasive internet environment and the value of maintaining privacy and having control over choices of internet users. I hope the other browsers will follow the lead. ☺

*, December 7, 2010.

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