Wednesday, December 1, 2010


If I'll be asked about the greatest contribution and impact ICT has brought about in my life, it would be that it helps me relieve stress. Pathetic, I know, but it's true. If i haven't been surfing the net for random stuff just to unload and relax during my break (and work hours, hihihi), I think my head would burst and I will be reduced to cinders.

However, this led to reduced productivity, and frequent interruptions with work and study. I am guilty of checking my facebook account once every 30 minutes, for any new "feeds" which would make my day more entertaining. I have to admit that my reading pace drastically slowed down due to my frequent "web gossiping". I can't read the assigned cases or readings straight for one hour without worrying whether my crops have been harvested or bonuses have been unclaimed.

The benefits of this lifestyle far outweigh the costs it takes to maintain it. Therefore, I choose the Internet. =)

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