Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Boo’s status as of this morning: “When I open my eyes, it will be Friday.”

I can just imagine how cute this little thing goes about in the mornings – a big yawn, a lazy stretch that would surely make one feel even sleepier than awake, and then slowly opening its little eyes to the morning sun. It is just hard how not to like this little guy. It’s like that puss-in-boots character played by Antonio Banderas in Shrek everytime it gives you “the look “.

Unlike Banderas’ character, however, this guy is no kitty. He is, as one can see in his personal information on facebook, “My name is Boo. I am a dog. People love me!”. Boo is a Pomeranian with a very fashionable fur-do, and yes, people love him big time. In fact, there are about, as of this time, more than half a million people who have expressed their love, or “like”, for him. That is, well, Facebook has about more than 500 million accounts, so do the math. :)

if you like it, click here (you can also put a ring on it) ;p

Surely, Time Magazine, underestimated Zuckerberg’s accomplishment of “connecting millions of PEOPLE and mapping the social relations among them.”

by Vann dela Cruz entry #5

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