Monday, December 20, 2010

Cold Christmas

I commune with the laborers who were not given their thirteenth month pay this month. This benefit, I think, is expressly accorded by law as a reward for the lowly laborer so that he can bring food to his family's christmas table, so that even for a day, they will know how it is to be happy. Jesus died, after all, for all to be happy.

I don't understand how some employers can be so callous and insensitive during Christmas season. If there is a particular class of persons who should enjoy the holidays the most, it should be the laborers. They worked their asses off for their bosses, get yelled at, disrespected and pushed around by their employers the whole year. Is is them, I think, who should enjoy Christmas the most.

That's why they should be given their thirteenth month pay; this is the only time where they can truly enjoy, away from the constant pressures of work and grumpy employers. In line with this, I am proposing to the Highest Order above to send down lightning to anyone, who despite having the resources, refuses to give his employees what is just and due to them.

In the meantime, we'll just be having champorado for noche buena.

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