Thursday, December 16, 2010

Should You Friend Your Parents on Facebook

According to the article of the same title, “a recent study showed that 72 percent of parents monitor their kids online; 95 percent of parents in the survey already had accounts on Facebook, a number even higher than their kids (90 percent). As Facebook continues to infect the Internet like the plague, you may be faced with a tough decision: should you accept your parent’s Facebook friend request?”

For me, the answer was clear. When my mom sent me a friend request months ago, I clicked ignore (I didn’t want to be her friend, but at the same time I didn’t have the heart to reject her :s ). This worked well for me since at that time, I rarely used facebook. But as my familiarity with the site grew and I used it more and more, the moment came when my mom finally asked me why I wasn’t accepting her friend request. I told her, “Ma, private space ko yun. Hayaan niyo na po ako.” I was already on the mobile tracker (which my mom forced me to accept), I wasn’t about to give up another ounce of my privacy! The turning point came last Sunday, while my mom and I were having coffee with my brother-in-law. He complimented the batch pictures which were uploaded at the site and reflected on my wall. My mom was so excited that she asked him for the site. When he said facebook, her face fell and she meekly said “ah, ok...” Then the answer wasn’t so clear. I felt so bad that I made my mom feel excluded, I ended up accepting her request that night.

Maybe before making the decision whether to “befriend” your parents or not in facebook, you should consider this: maybe they’re monitoring your profile not because they want to snoop but because they want to know you, the way you are in your natural habitat. And when you’ve been a good girl (like me J), then I’m sure the answer would be yes.

Katrina Sy, 5th Blog Entry

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