Thursday, December 16, 2010

Motion for Reconsideration

Last night: I hurriedly went home from dinner with friends because I haven't finished the Motion for Reconsideration of one of my OLA cases. Of course, I had a heavy heart leaving my friends, but I had to or else bye bye 4 units of OLA for me. That is exaggerated, of course. :)

Now: I have been in my room for 14 hours now, 12 hours of which is spent trying to figure out what to put in my MR.

These are some of the instances where I wish I could just press rewind to my undergrad years, where no MRs have to be filed or bar exams to worry about. I just have to point, shoot and edit. It seems so simple now.

So while waiting for my supervising lawyer's comment to my MR, I went through my old CDs, and guess what I found, an animation project that me and my thesis partner, Prech Tayag created. While watching it, I wondered will I ever be a film maker again? I would like to think that I never stopped being one.:) I just tried out a new career. But maybe, in time, I can go back to taking pictures or shooting films and editing it all night. Maybe. After my bar.


Entry # 5

Pia Augustha G. Agatep

  • song used: Dragostea din tei by O-zone

      written and produced by: Dan Balan


Salma Angkaya said...

This made me really happy!!!! :D

Pia Augustha G. Agatep said...

yey! :) napanood rin ba ng baby mo hehe? :P

Patty Miranda said...

ang cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! this made me happy toooooooooo! :) what subject was this for?

Pia Augustha G. Agatep said...

hmm.. for animation class hehe! papasa na ba? :P