Thursday, December 23, 2010


Just wanna share...

As a kid who grew up in a province 487 kilometers away from manila, I already got used to taking long bus trips. Before, it used to take us 15 bumpy hours to get to Manila. The roads then were not paved and concretized. The buses then were too small and too crowded.

Nowadays, taking a bus ride from Manila-Tuguegarao (Tuguegarao-Manila) is much more comfortable compared to before – buses now have what you call a sleeper bus where you could actually lie on your back and sleep; seats are wider, softer, and are fully reclineable; some buses even have “Road Attendants” much like FAs. They have got food meals on-board, TV/DVD, a comfort room, blankets etc.

And just recently, I saw on TV, that some bus companies now even have wifi on-board! It was explained that they use broadband wifi routers mounted on the buses. These routers then pick up the signals that are transmitted from the communication towers they pass by while on the road. So, with a laptop and a wifi-ready mobile phone, one could just simply connect and go online. I could already imagine fb status and tweets like:

@Just passed by SLEX toll gate :)
@...Petron SLEX!!!
@bus had to stop to let some cows and carabaos pass… :)
@oh, more cows… :(


These buses, unfortunately, just travel south. My trusted Victory Liner is yet to come up with something like this!

merry CHRISTmas everyone!!!

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Maricris L. Real said...

Ah yes.. Tweets and FB updates with your new blueberry.:D Merry Christmas Vann Dorn!