Wednesday, December 1, 2010


McDonald's brought us Manong, the guy playing a film crew member Sharon Cuneta requests to rehearse lines with her in one McDelivery TV commercial. With Ate Shawi asking him sweetly, his character did not anticipate the slap coming his way. The genius of Manong is, unlike other actors whose faces cringe milliseconds before the slap, his face cringes only after the megaslap by the Megastar. He then delivers his lines, his face almost deadpan.

"Patawarin mo ako Celia. *hingang malalim*" Playing a non-actor, he even reads (instead of does) *hingang malalim*, which was a sort of a guide as to what emotion the actor delivering the line should depict.

This is Manong with a fan.

The TV commercial advertises McDelivery. McDo delivers either through phone (86236) or through the Internet ( But I’m not sure, everything was such a blur. The actual advertisement lasted only two seconds.

Besides, I believe that ordering McDonald's products through delivery, especially over the Internet, defeats the purpose of fast food. Still, it’s good to know that information technology made ordering (but not getting a hold right away of) fast food through the Internet possible. Other than that, I just thank McDo for discovering Manong.

Kate Lomoljo (Entry No. 3)

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