Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hi, I'm Cris. I'm a Cellphone Addict.

Whenever I'm alone, I find myself reaching for my cellphone. It's in my hand before I can think of an excuse why I need it. I have done everything short of feigning a phone call just to fight off boredom, dead air, and the company of unwanted people. When done right, holding a phone can be an effective means of communicating anything from "I'm not interested" to "But you definitely should be." Oh yes, a girl and her phone are worthy adversaries.

But lately I feel this girl's adversary is her own phone. The screen says "0 new messages" but I open the inbox anyway. I scroll through my to-do list with no higher goal than to... scroll through my to-do list. In fact, I create my to-do list for no higher goal than to scroll through my to-do list. I write messages that I don't send and send ones that I can’t right. And worst of all, I bought a phone to contact friends and family but the one i'm most in contact with is my own phone.

I need to go back to the spirit of the invention - to the intent of the inventor! Communication with human beings. Technology was meant to fuel communication but it has become the end in itself. We text for the sake of texting. We buy phones for five-year-olds whose social networks are made up of five to six people he sees everyday. Technology has created a socially disregarded group of would-be introverts maladjusted to the used-to-be norms and etiquette of face-to-face communication. But with no acknowledgement of the addiction, there can be no hope for intervention. And so I remain a walking social cost.

Maricris L. Real

Entry # 4

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Phebean Belle "Phoebe" A. Ramos said...

Hi. I'm Phoebe Ramos. I WAS a cellphone addict. Hehe, it was high school and college.

Get busy with other stuff and you'll have freedom! Law school freed me!^_^

Or not.