Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I recently learned from a friend of a computer game called “Bully.” Apparently, it’s such a hit with the kids that it has been updated for Xbox 360 and Wii. The game features a teenager who adjusts to life at a new boarding school by harassing others including teachers. The abuse includes dunking students' heads in toilets, photographing them naked and physically assaulting them.

Many have opposed the release of this game as it sends children the wrong message. However, UK retailers say they will not act as censors and will continue to sell the game to children over the age of 15 as the title carries a BBFC-15 rating.

But even if they only sell to those who are 15 years old and above, there’s really no assurance that these won’t get in the hands of younger children. In fact, my stand is that even teenagers shouldn't play this game as they are likewise vulnerable to reenact the scenes. If we don't want violence in real life, we should ensure there’s none in virtual life as well.

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Ma. Anna Katrina C. Eustaquio, Entry No. 3

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Maricris L. Real said...

What an awful game! Although, when you think about it, we'd probably laugh if we watched someone play this. Haha. It would get old really fast though.