Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Village

This collection took my mom maybe 10 years to build. It started out with a single carousel. Now it covers half of our house.

Look closely at the houses and you'll find familiar places like the North Pole, Hard Rock Cafe, and Scrooge & Marley's firm.

Pictures won't do them justice, so the best way is to see them moving. Better yet, see everything live!

PS. Let me know if you'd like a private viewing during these holidays so I can arrange something. I'll even serve you hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. This invitation is extended to the professors and members of the ICT class and their immediate (and extended) friends and family).

Notes: Video taken with an iPhone. Forgive the amateurish editing. This is my first ever podcast on the Internet. And I've only ever opened iMovie once or twice.

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