Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Damn You Auto Correct!

If you need a few laughs just before heading out for class, or when your brain is tired from reading all those SCRAs, perhaps you can visit

For those who had the earlier versions of the iPhone, I’m sure you went through the WTF moments where the autocorrect feature automatically changes the words of your texts without you knowing it. Out of force of habit, we click send immediately after without re-reading the text, and this can lead to funny, and sometimes extremely embarrassing, outcomes. The worst part is that you cannot turn the Autocorrect feature off. So we were all forced to proof-read all our text messages, lest we had to go through another round of deep humiliation. is dedicated to all those WTF moments. For me, it’s a relief to know that the woes and annoyance against the Autocorrect feature is almost universal. I also quite find it ironic that a gadget, who like a slave is supposed to do as he is told, is now suddenly telling us what to do. It thinks that it knows better than us. And that can be very annoying. Luckily, the latter versions of the iPhone software has made it possible to turn the Autocorrect feature off.

Below are examples. Happy reading and Happy Holidays!

JERIC ALVIN F. CRUZ (5th blog entry)

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