Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What is the next step? That is usually the question that comes to the minds of film students after producing their films. Of course, they want their films to be watched, to be appreciated. After all, they invest a lot on their movies, short or full length.

During my college years, one of the means to show our short films is by holding a free film showing at the Cine Adarna’s videotheque, or if we get lucky, at the Cine Adarna itself. I remember, one of my professors suggested that we can show our movies during a bus ride going to our provinces. I was actually tempted to do it because a bus ride going to our town takes ten hours. But then my shyness got the better of me and so my movies got stuck in their DVDs.

When I was introduced to Canvass, I was inspired by the idea that artists get to share their works through the Internet. Through Canvass, children who do not have enough money to buy a decent book can read a good story just by visiting Canvass’ webpage. Filipino artists’ stories, paintings and songs can now be accessed and downloaded by everyone worldwide.

Then I thought, film students or indie movie makers have to do something so that their movies can be watched. They have to break the barrier of inaccessibility. They have to create a venue for their films to be more accessible and putting up a website may be one of the answers. After all, they did not create movies for their own consumption. They made movies to tell their stories. The only problem is piracy.


Entry # 3

Pia Augustha G. Agatep

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