Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drugs Online

My block is having it's not-so-annual Christmas party. The theme for the exchange gift? Something illegal.

It got me thinking about where illegal items are purchased. Greenhills, Tutuban, and Quiapo are brimming with ready-to-purchase stolen goods and counterfeit items. But of course, writing about those places wouldn't be related to ICT. So i googled my way into this week's topic.

It didn't take me long to find out that if you google simple search items like "where to buy illegal drugs" or "buy codeine online" (apparently codeine is a narcotic drug) the first page of result items already lists places where you can purchase drugs online with no prescription. They'll deliver the items right to your door!

In a country where the Dangerous Drugs Act punishes possession, use, pushing, and even being in the company of possessors and users, the lawmakers weren't prepared for the public's new mall and black market. Seems like the Act isn't as comprehensive as its title would make it out to be.

I'm no techie but if there's a way to regulate the internet access features of a whole nation then the Philippines should definitely apply itself to regulating drug traffic on the internet. I have a vague idea that this is possible because the UP internet connection used to prohibit access to social networking sites. I'm aware the Philippine Islands is far larger than UP Diliman but I needn't remind you that narcotic drugs and opiates are also far graver addictions than social networking.

For now, I'll leave this problem to Congress and head out to find my "something illegal" in a certified-legal mall. Merry Christmas shopping!:)

Maricris L. Real
Entry #5

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