Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Atheists Know More About Religion Than Catholics

Why am I not surprised to learn that American Roman Catholics were outperformed by atheist, agnostics, Jews and Mormons in answering questions about major religions?

As a predominantly Catholic country, I know of some people who find it a curiosity when they meet someone who claims to be an agnostic or atheist. I could only assume that this stems from the fact that they think agnostics and atheists are people who were not raised well since they acknowledge no God (or any permutation thereof). However, this survey, albeit it was done in the States, could show that atheist and agnostics are not just God-less people. I actually believe that real agnostics and atheists came to be such through a thorough assessment of their beliefs and values. Often it people who have a certain level of education who are agnostics and atheists hence it is not hard to imagine that they will be well-versed in the world's religion. But more than that, what is disconcerting about this research is the paradox that inasmuch as some people think that they are religious, they could actually be considered as ignorant about religion. And this, I think, is where the dangers for intolerance for other beliefs come in. And we all know what that could lead too.


Michelle P. M. Sabitsana said...

Gino! I so agree with your post. tama, tama. at ngayon, lalo pang umigting ang katamaan ng sinabi mo.hehe

rania joya said...

I've heard it said that being agnostic is the worst of all (have you read Life of Pi?). I don't know if I agree with the statement, since I agree with you when you say that agnosticism or atheism stems from a thorough assessment of one's beliefs and values.

rania joya said...

On second thought, I think my confusion stems from my different understanding of what being agnostic is.