Thursday, September 30, 2010

Touch Screen Phones

I have just recently bought a touch screen phone. Although I would have wanted to buy an Apple Iphone, I just couldn't afford it. But looking for alternatives to an Iphone has become an easy task considering almost all mobile phone manufacturers have released their own versions of touch screen phones.
When I was choosing my touch screen phone, my considerations were mainly: price, WIFI access, how reactive to touch it is, and if I could add free games in them.

And I am very much satisfied with my new buy, a Samsung Corby WIFI. It is priced only at P7,000, it has WIFI access, it is sensitive to touch (almost like an Itouch, without the multi-touch) and I was able to add several games (which I am very much enjoying). Not only this, the widgets feature is very useful. In my case, I find the post-it notes useful for reminders of what I have to do. The calendar widget made my planner retire. A facebook widget keeps me updated with friends posts.
The best part is that is very user-friendly, in fact I didn't have to use the user-manual, common sense would be enough.

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