Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Salubong 2010 ended with a big bang.

Who would have thought that such a festive occasion could have ended on such a tragic note? One would think that in this day and age people of the legal profession (or at least aspiring to be part of the legal profession) would be educated enough to see past the barbarities of terrorism and act as civilized human beings should.

What happened last Sunday was a failure and a disappointment on so many grounds. I am especially saddened by the thought that among the throng of people celebrating, there could be a mind so inhuman as to think of causing harm to any other person in the crowd. I find it disgusting that some people are incapable of looking past minor differences and instead choosing to see such a happy gathering as the perfect opportunity to strike, without regard for the innocent.

I've always felt that nothing like the Salubong could ever bring out such intense school spirit and pride. But if people like this are left free to mingle amongst those who are there to truly live in the joy of the moment, then I am afraid that the purpose of Salubong will always be defeated. If there are those who take advantage of the cover of the crowd to get away with their schemes, then the chance to celebrate would only pose too great a risk.

I've heard it said that gatherings such as these make up a recipe for disaster. I guess I always hoped for the best in people, that for at least just this once everyone would see the bigger picture and be happy for everyone else. And I'm learning every day that I have to lessen that hope.

We were all victimized by the mind that meant to harm, however thankful we may be that no actual physical harm came to us.

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