Thursday, September 30, 2010

Radio Ga-Ga

I've been listening to the radio a lot lately. Despite having access to the hundreds of mp3s in my laptop, oftentimes I would rather listen to the radio using my nifty mobile.

They say the radio is dead, I don't think so. I guess there's something the radio can offer that even one's 64gb mp3 player loaded with 10,000+ songs can't: Interaction with people. Of course, both mediums offer sound trip for music lovers. But when listening to the radio, you get to hear people at the other end of the line, talking about the day's events, news, traffic, conducting polls and surveys, gossiping. There's also the lure of calling in or texting as you greet a friend, dedicate or request a song. With the advent of social networking sites, one can easily do these things by posting messages in the radio stations' Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Despite the emergence of sleeker iPods, mp3 players with bigger memories, voice-activated menus in some and all these modern features, the radio is that thing which will never go out-of-style, as long as people are still willing to talk and listen to each other. This may sound too cheesy for an ICT blog post, but when I listen to the radio, I don't feel alone. :p

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