Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you, Globe.

One of the many things I owe my thanks to, after September, is Globe's promo for their unlimited text messaging service.

P349 for thirty days of unlimited text messaging is one of the better deals that I've been able to find to help me get through the various stages of barops, from planning straight to execution, and even now, up until winding up.

And I've really taken advantage of my unli, since I only make calls when extremely urgent, and I never abbreviate my words in text, and most importantly, I usually have to text so many different people. I'm glad I never had to think about how much I'd have had to spend for communications expenses if not for this promo (and albeit Globe's poor service).

A shame that I couldn't use the promo along with other promos. Being able to make unlimited calls would also have made life a bit easier for me during the weekends. But then again, that would be pushing it. I'd really rather be able to text all I want over being able to make unlimited calls.

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Paulyn Duman said...

I changed numbers to get their unlimited calls and text. With P5K bill, I wouldn't complain changing numbers for a P700-monthly bill.