Thursday, September 30, 2010

Musings in my Second Life

Having witnessed the bombing in Taft Ave. last Sunday (September 26) and experienced the pandemonium therein, I can not help thinking that I could have been one of the victims.

I have realized that this fiasco has the probability of being unresolved and forgotten for lack of the needed evidence. There is yet no footage on the culprit/s in the act of throwing the bomb, pillbox or grenade. Hence, the investigation is now reduced to the “he says, she says” game. I even find the theory of a frat war to be dubious. Moreover, I also find disconcerting that we just settled for it because it seemed to be the only and convenient explanation for it all. But then again, I might be wrong.

How I wish somebody or something was able to capture how it happened. I was hoping that the CCTVs in La Salle would make the difference, but I guess not. There is no buzz yet on its contribution to the case. Though quite fleeting, I nevertheless wondered if the investigation would be expedited had we been in a society with very advanced infrastructure on ICT. My answer is “YES”.

Once again, ICT has proven itself to be a wild animal which we can never get ahead of, either by law or by circumstance. It is not yet a sad fact because we are doing our best to catch up. However, sometimes catching up is never enough when you are running after something other than ICT. In this case, it is justice. I know it is too much to ask that CCTVs should have been installed everywhere to get the real score on last Sunday. All I am asking is that the authorities should leave no stones unturned in utilizing what ICT has to offer. And that would be, an all-out search and scrutiny of footages that will determine the cause of this all and make the culprit/s accountable for what happened.

-Michelle P. M. Sabitsana


christiansen cabahug said...

I think La Salle has CCTV. It's just unfortunate that the area where the bombing happened was outside their coverage. I'm happy your ok mimsy.

Michelle P. M. Sabitsana said...

yepyep, thank you, sen. and thank you, Lord.:)