Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Working for Google.

I came across this article while reading the Inquirer (the broadsheet version): "Google: The Best Job in the World." Queena LC narrated the summer internship experiences of Chris Feliciano, a Filipino studying Econ-Philo in Columbia.

What struck me the most about his stories was the existence of Google's "master plan." Google encourages employees to speak their mind freely and scribble their ideas on a popular white board called such. Googlers jot down their thoughts for anyone to explore and, on that board, many great Google ideas were born.

I like that practice. I'm imagining that these ideas range from operational concerns to actual business ideas to whatever. That kind of system is especially needed in companies who belong in industries that deal with huge chunks of information on a daily basis. That's where operational efficiency is most crucial. And that's just about any industry today.

With the bar exams one year away, and with talk of careers and employment being in order, it really is time to explore all our options. And why not work for a giant like that? :) Wow. We can all dream.

One thing at a time.
First to cross off the list: the bar exams. Oh, and OLA, too.

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Rachelle Ann T. Mayuga

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