Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Because Cybercrime Does Pay (Especially in the Philippines)

Until now, it still surprises me how our laws are insufficient, or weak at best, to cover even common cybercrimes. It is not as if majority of Filipinos have not fallen victim to a cybercrime (I Love You virus, anyone?). Yet, almost half of cybercrimes in our country remain unresolved. And despite the substantial number of victims that has been left with no recourse, why is it that the lawmakers still do not seem to see the urgency in implementing stronger and better cyberlaws?

I highly doubt it that lack for clamor is one of the reasons. Now more than ever, we live in a society wherein online transactions form a significant and substantial part of commerce. Reliance on cybertrade can only grow stronger and we must enact and enforce stricter and stronger cyberlaws. Not only will such protect consumers, it can also make our country more competitive in the global market. After all, investors will not be as adamant to invest in a country wherein they (companies) may not have a remedy in the event that they become victims of cybercrimes.

Current laws are not enough to address even the threat of common cybercrimes such as data theft, data piracy, and online child pornography according to NBI experts. If lawmakers can give their undivided attention to issues such as video scandals, why can't they give this the same importance?

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