Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just For Fun

I was just browsing around the Internet, trying to see if anything would catch my eye. Then I remembered that my anniversary was coming up and I still haven't decided on what to get my boyfriend. He's a bit of a techie so that always gives me a problem because techie stuff usually tend to bea bit on the expensive side. This is my annual dilemma.

So taking a break from all the serious techie thinking, I decided to see what kind of things that the more innovative people in the world have been coming up with. Some were funny. Some were interesting. Some were just plain strange. But I'll leave it to you all on how to categorize it. Hehehe.

A few of the things that I came across were: glow-in-the-dark toilet paper, wi-fi seeking t-shirt, wink glasses to remindcomputer users to blink, bra keyboard, a growing ring, sudoku toilet paper, so on and so forth. It was a great break from the usual techie things. Whether it's just for show or people actually buy it, it's always interesting to see what are in people's minds. And I think that it's nice to end this very interesting elective on a light note with interesting and out-of-the-ordinary ideas. After, technology does involve thinking out of the box and I do believe that these people have done that. So, enjoy!

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