Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Facebook can make you lose your job

A Berkeley County Deputy Sheriff was not fired because she participated in a bikini car wash (for charity), but her co-worker, another Deputy Sheriff was fired (or was forced to resign, Sheriff would not confirm) because a picture of him in the event having his police car washed was seen on Facebook. The Sheriff confirmed that the funds used in having the police car washed were the private funds of the deputy which he refuses to name and that the deputy was not on duty when he had the car washed, however, it was "poor judgment" on the part of the deputy to let a picture of the police car taken to be published on Facebook which is a violation of the policies of the usage of said police cars which deputies were allowed to take home. I think that the punishment imposed on the deputy was too harsh. Time and again we see all these news wherein someone gets in trouble because of Facebook. It may have been against their department's policy for the police car to be used outside that of service hours however, considering that the car was washed, even if it were bikini clad women who did wash the car, at least the car was being taken cared of by the deputy and besides the car wash was for charity and several other officers have participated by having had their cars and police cars washed. Most of all, the picture was taken by the host of the bikini car wash, owner of a tattoo shop, and placed in his Facebook account to promote the event, isn't this a private picture? There really was no publishing in this case which makes the case really iniquitous for the deputy who was fired. Again this reminds us to be aware of what we post and what we let other people post on our Facebook accounts.

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