Thursday, September 30, 2010


When it comes to writing research papers, time is always of the essence. Often, one of the most meticulous and time-consuming aspects that a student finds himself slaving over are the citations and bibliography. Aside from concentrating on the meat of the paper, care must be taken in ensuring that proper citations are made, lest allegations of plagiarism arise. BibMe thus proves to be the perfect short-cut, removing the headache and pressure that usually comes with making the bibliography. is a free and automatic bibliography generator that supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting. It leverages databases provided by Amazon, FindArticles, Yahoo! News, and CiteULike to quickly and accurately AutoFill citation information according to the rules and guidelines of the style guides. [1] In case the reference material used was not culled from the database of its partner sites, the manual entry mode may be resorted to by simply providing the required information. BibMe undertakes to format a wide range of resource materials such as books, magazines, newspapers, websites, journals, and films, which is a great feature of the service.

As important as the bulk of a research paper is, there is always a need to cite sources. Because BibMe takes care of the formatting, which is normally a very lengthy endeavor, more time could be spent on working on the actual content of the paper and developing its arguments. BibMe eliminates the dangers of creating a bibliography in haste, under the pain of improper formatting, and instead offers a quick, easy, and reliable way to get the job done.

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