Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Art of "Research"

I must confess that I love to watch movies and tv series but I do all of those on my computer and not in front of the good ole' tv. Why? Well let me count the ways. 1. Money- It costs too much to watch just one movie about something with a plot that I would most probably forget about in a couple of weeks. I also have this feeling that not everything deserves a big screen+big bucks treatment because let's face it, most of the movies out there are just about as fresh as popcorn in 15 minutes. I could do so much more with my money like buying food. 2. Time- I like to be able to watch when I can because I can't go to the theater whenever I want to. They also have set times that you need to follow and they won't even let you stay for the next showing if you missed the first 15 minutes or whatever. 3. Comfort- I'd like to be able to watch something and it would be ok that I could pause it to go get something to eat or drink. I could also do a digest or two in between boring times. Multitasking is where it's at.

So, that brings me to the recent brouhaha over Netflix which split into Quikster and Netflix and now their customers are boycotting their new business models. My aunt has Netflix and I was surprised by it when I stayed with them because I didn't think that kind of business model would actually work. Well, if it was in the U.S. Yes, but totally not here. They send you DVDs over the mail (SNAIL MAIL-yes it still exists) and then you send it right back when your done. No late fees or anything, You just don't get the next movie in your queue until you return what you have. You can also watch stuff they have on demand in their website. All of these are legal. They actually pay for it. Incredible.

Now, their customers are at an uproar because of the separation of the DVD and on demand business. They have to pay two different accounts to get the different services they used to be able to enjoy with one account. I can understand their sentiment but DUDE! The Internet has this thing called Google and you can find t*****t or s*******g sites for free. Granted not everything is high quality but you get the picture. Now, I am not advocating any of this. (Really) but people need to chill. The tech is out there. Just be happy that SKYNET won't be taking it out down anytime soon.

Anyway, i guess it all comes down to money and their two business model is going to give them more profits that it did with their previous business model. How I wish I could think of some internet start-up and actually earn $$$$!

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