Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pinoy in the Clouds

What is cloud computing, and why does it always come out when talking about information technology? What I get is that it should make life simpler. Instead of installing a suite of software for each computer, you'd only have to load one application. That application would allow workers to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the programs the user would need for his or her job. That service would then take care of everything.

A good example that everyone must have already experienced is a web-based e-mail service like Yahoo and Gmail. Instead of running a program on your computer, you log in to a web e-mail account remotely. The software and storage for your account exist on the service's computer cloud. Cloud computing addresses increasing demands in the use of information technology. It is a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software.

ABS-CBN news just featured in its Global Filipino section a guy named Winston Damarillo, a 41 yr old Flipino whose cloud computing software is recognized as a leader in his field. He is the Chief Executive Officer of g2ix. He is also the same guy who founded Gluecode which he sold to IBM in 2005.

For more on Mr. Damarillo, you can check:

James Anthony Mina #15

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