Monday, September 26, 2011

Much can be said.

It has been said that technological advancements have been at the center of biblical reformation. The invention of papyrus, paper, printing press, newspapers, magazines, radio, television…All these have been used to carry God’s words.

Now, we have internet, blogs, and even Facebook/Twitter/Google+. If we can spare time to blog about stuff as mundane as licking the best ice cream flavour ever concocted or going to a concert and going ga-ga over rock stars…why can’t we blog about going to church and being inspired by God’s message? If we have 140 characters to tweet that we like/love someone…why don’t we tweet how much we love God and being in His presence?

Some say that cyberspace provides such a limited space to spell out God’s goodness. Interesting to note however that the early church managed to squeeze in God’s message in 5 characters – ICTUS – which was reduced further into a single symbol – the ictus symbol. There’s so much good that can be said.

How many facebook friends and twitter followers do we have? How many can we reach out to by just a few mouse clicks?

Bottomline is: Technological advancement can be used to advance the Kingdom of God.

Crisela Bernardino, entry#15

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