Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Protecting Consumers and Legitimate Businesses

There are many online shops (not even ebay or sulit but Multiply) nowadays that offer very competitive prices than if one is to buy in the mall or even at Quiapo/Divisoria. When I asked one if they have a “real” store, they answered in the negative. They also immediately told me to look at their feedback page to remove any doubts that I have. True, their prices seem tempting. I haven’t tried myself but many claim that those stores do not issue receipts. It is even doubtful if they have the necessary permits to operate.

I am sure that those real stores are very much affected as more and more people turn to the web to buy the things they need and want. Perhaps, these “establishments” do not even pay taxes and they even operate using household helpers, thereby bringing their cost per item way less than those incurred by a normal store, not to mention the violations of the Labor Code if ever. Their terms are also doubtful because they only provide for meet-ups and that there is a “no return no exchange” policy. I think the lawmakers should take a look into this and start to protect consumers and lawful business establishments as well. I have nothing against these establishments. In fact, it is one force that helps drive down prices in “real” stores. However, we should level the playing field and protect the buyers/consumers and the legitimate businesses as well.

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John Joseph Parco

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