Thursday, September 1, 2011

We the civilian crimefighters

In the same way that BBs and Facebook were used to perpetrate crime; mobile phones and the internet can also be used to prevent it, or at least solve it.

Many a time have we seen CCTV footage of people stealing from stores, beating up random strangers and alleyways and whatnot; we watch how police nab bumbling criminals who were dumb enough to do something crazy in front of the camera.

This time around justice had been given. A mother of a 10-month old baby was filmed beating up the baby and blowing smoke into its mouth. Imagine that.

The roommate of this caring and maternal 21-year old just had a mobile phone handy to film this horrendous incident. She wasn't scared to hand this over to the police either. Now this criminal is facing charges for child-abuse though she was let out on bail. Now imagine if nobody bothered to report this incident to the police? What if the roommate did not have a video phone to record the incident? It would definitely be a tad harder to find probable cause for a warrant... and the child would have, sooner or later, probably ended up dead. This is applicable to many other crimes. In fact, Philippine media has recently realized what an untapped resource its viewers is. A news program has allotted so much time for "YouScoop" wherein their audience can send clips which they filmed with their mobiles or videocameras and other gadgets of real life events. It is like the the programs' reporters had multiplied a thousandfold and they can be first to broadcast the news as sent by the viewer.

True, CCTV is indeed very useful and the presence of CCTV cameras would deter crime and help solve it in case crime does occur, but equally formidable to a criminal is a random stranger present at the right place at the right time and armed with a camera-phone and some courage. If only everyone had both. Just as long as they don't let thieves steal the former and trample on the latter.

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