Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stealing apples

Apple lost an Iphone prototype in San Francisco last week and that incident led to many headline plus the new one this week wherein "Apple is Seeking Product Security Manager." Apparently, this isn't the first time that Apple lost a prototype. An Apple Engineer lost an Iphone 4 prototype last year when he left it in a bar. That prototype was later featured in a website called Gizmodo. I wonder if that dude kept his job.

The new security manager would need to have risk based security experience and a "strong understanding of international security standard." He would also be responsible of protecting unreleased products and intellectual property of Apple. This job is not going to be a cakewalk and I'm betting that whoever gets that job would have to double or triple their security measures because of the previous breaches.

I now wonder why Apple didn't protect those prototypes in the first place. The competition out there is cutthroat so it would only be logical to protect those creations and not let them get into the hands of the enemy. If, for example, a Chinese company was able to gain access to the whole network of IBM, it would lead to utter chaos. ( I've got this theory that the US blocked the sale of IBM to China because that could mean that they would get a leg up over the US.)

Protecting intellectual property and punishing those who violate it by stealing or using lost products and the subsequent reverse engineering and copying is a major concern in the corporate world. I mean, Coca-Cola has protected its formula for what? A hundred years? They have definitely benefited from the secrecy. But, what baffles me with Apple is that even thought there are prototypes out there and virtual clones for their product, anything with the brand Apple seems to sell like hotcakes. There is such a thing called industrial espionage but these guys are just making it too easy.

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