Thursday, September 15, 2011

Speedy Brazil

TIM, a company known to be a pioneer in telecom operations in Brazil is investing 20 million BRL for an infrastructure technology project in Brazil to change the core IP equipment in the country with the Cisco CRS-3 Carrier Routing System. These new routers of Cisco have an individual capacity of around 4.5 terabits per second, which is roughly 14 times faster than current equipment of most countries (Philippines is probably much slower). This speed is so fast it would be possible to download 15 HD films in one minute. The equipment enables transmission capability, quality, security and technology for current and future applications (Internet, video, voice and cloud services) by offering clients incremental speed, reliability and security for voice and data traffic. The US usually takes an hour to download just one. In 2 years, TIM has already jumped from 3 million to 55.5 million clients and currently owns 25% of the market share. The propose to continue creating opportunities and providing new innovations in the industry to serve customer needs. Together, Cisco and TIM will be setting the new bar in network infrastructure.

This makes one wonder if the Philippines will ever be able to achieve this speed in connectivity. I think even most clients in the Philippines will be happy just to match the speed of developed countries when it comes to internet access. But with the current control of internet companies and the abysmal equipment and funding, it seems a far way off for the country.

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