Friday, September 23, 2011

hi-tech supervisors

Recently several steps have been taken by Philippine government agencies to provide better service by tapping new technology. Like the e-blotter developed by the police and the recent MMDA Navigator by the MMDA.

As I was researching for a topic to write about, I came across an article about the state of Albany being sued for using a GPS traking device to monitor the movements of its employee. The said employee was later fired for not being at work at the time he should be at work. A GPS device which was on 24/7, seven days a week was attached to the personal vehicle of Michael Cunnigham, a former state Department of Labor training manager. In the end Cunningham was fired from his job for filing imporper time sheets. This was proved when those written in his timesheets did not tally with the GPS device data. The NY Civil Liberties Union is now suing the state for invasion of privacy.

I was just thingking and these are personal thoughts. Shouldn't Philippine public officials be tracked, to find out whether they are working the hours they are actually paid. I've had an experience with public employees that is both shocking and sad. I went to this agency, and at around 3 or 4 pm the employees were no longer at their desks doing what they were supopose to do but playing badminton inside the same building where they work. This did not happen once but everytime I came to that office. It seems they have taken upon themselves to reserve this hour for their badminton tournaments. I've been dealing with a lot of government agencies and this is not an isolated case. Absent the question of invasion of privacy since they will be tracked during office time (while they were paid). Shouldn't there be a device attached to these officers to determine whether they are working during work hours and are actually in the office during office hours?

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