Thursday, September 29, 2011

Facebook Timeline!

I’m loving Facebook Timeline!!! I’ve never really thought this about Facebook before but, now, I can honestly say that it’s simply beautiful! Before, I’ve always thought about is as more efficient rather than aesthetic. I always used to think that what mattered most on profile pages were the content rather than the form. But Facebook Timeline has changed all that! Now, I make it a point to visit the timelines of my friends just to see their beautiful pages and how creative they’ve been with all the possibilities. I even visit my own timeline frequently now just to admire it! It’s vain, I know, but the Timeline is just so irresistible!

One of my friends commented, though, that this development was pretty scary because it confirms that Facebook archives all the content that you’ve uploaded (your Timeline goes as far back as your first post on Facebook). But it didn’t bother me all that much. For one thing, the beauty of the timeline, and the enjoyment I’m drawing from it, must be blinding me. More importantly, however, I always have the thought, at the back of my mind, that I have less expectation of privacy at the time that I chose publication over seclusion. Which is why, everytime I post something, I filter it carefully. So it doesn’t turn out to be information diarrhea which I’m posting, possibly eternally, on the web. Thus, I actually appreciate, rather than fear, that they archive all the things I thought were worth sharing. After all, I’ve only decided to post things after much consideration, thinking that I liked them enough to represent a bit of myself.

But, even then, I am a bit scared about the power that all this knowledge brings. It may be true that they’re only using it for better targeted advertising now. But you’ll never know what other extreme applications these may be used for. At least, I won’t have to worry about that right now. For now, the beauty of Facebook Timeline far outweighs the perceived repercussions.

Aldous Benjamin Camiso, Blog Entry #15.

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