Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Reviving the Broadband Project

A few years back, there was the Philippine National Broadband Network Controversy that involved an awarding of a $329M construction contract to ZTE, a Chinese telecommunications firm for the proposed government managed national broadband network. Although the contract was signed, the presence of irregularities made the President cancel the project.

However, recent news shows that there are talks involving the revival of plans to set up a national broadband network. President Aquino III said that his administration will put up a national broadband network to link all government agencies electronically. Also, the corruption conscious President made an assurance that it will not be like the controversial NBN-ZTE deal.

The revival plans came from an acknowledgement of the President that there is a “need” for a broadband project. The Department of Science and Technology are already laying down the plan that is characterized as very cost effective. Secretary Montejo said that with a broadband network in place, Internet expenses of government agencies, including state universities, are likely to go down from P2 billion every year to roughly P700 million.

James Anthony Mina #12

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