Friday, September 2, 2011

Shameless Plug -

My cousin has recently set up his own dating website, Mingle, addressed at I know a lot of people have their hesitations with dating sites, especially in the Philippines, as these are usually associated with mail-order bride types, or for more indecent purposes. However, Ryan my cousin, informed that he wishes to model this site more in-line with American dating sites such as The user base will be of better standing which will hopefully cater to a more decent group who are really interested in actually dating other Filipinos. Now how will this be maintained and unwanted people prevented from using it? The answer is in the proposed exclusivity. All requests to make an account will go through a process, and after an account or invite is given, the said recipient will then have 2 invites and 2 only to give to his friends. This will keep the choices for invites within the same grade of decency as the invites will be more exclusive and hopefully not be wasted.

As of now there are no respectable dating sites in the Philippines. The public also have a very bad perception of dating sites. In the United States a lot of residents meet good matches through dating sites, and are not ashamed of saying so. With so many people and so little free time, it is getting harder and harder to find a great partner. Hopefully can change such a view. So if you are single and feel like meeting some good people, head over to the site and mingle!

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