Thursday, September 15, 2011

Doing Business in the Internet Age

It’s amazing how much one can accomplish in the age of the internet. Armed with just a wifi-enabled cellphone and a trusty data plan, any jet-setting entrepreneur can conclude deals and execute contracts with business colleagues thousands of miles apart. I too, was a recent benefactor of this wonderful technology we call the internet.

An emergency meeting required my presence in Cebu City yesterday. While listening to an engaging discussion on election law in the middle of class, I felt my phone vibrate persistently. Upon answering, it was my sister screaming on the other line calling from Mindanao, commanding me to get to Cebu City at all costs PRONTO by 1pm. With just 10 minutes to spare before color coding sets in at 3:00pm, I made it in the nick of time to my place.

As soon as I arrived, I logged on the internet looking for the cheapest roundtrip ticket available from Manila to Cebu. In the space of just fifteen minutes, I booked, paid and printed my ticket using my credit card without having to leave the comforts of my home.

Upon careful searching in the net, I discovered that NAIA 3 offers overnight parking for just P45.00 a day! According to the online reviews, it was reputed to be quite safe, with a short walking distance to the arrival terminal. Bolstered by such favorable reviews, I immediately decided to avail of the overnight parking services since I was due to arrive at 11:58pm on the same day. Without much time left, I slept for three hours before driving to the airport.

And just as the reviews promised, the overnight parking at NAIA 3 was every bit as safe, convenient and cheap as advertised. It was a good thing I decided to drive instead of taking a cab. The minute I arrived, I poised myself in a coffee shop ( with free wifi, of course) in order to prepare the proposals and documents needed for presentation. Much to my chagrin, I realized that I left behind some important documents which were all the way in Manila!

Thanks to the internet, I was able to call my sister who had a soft copy of the files in her laptop in Mindanao. A couple of clicks here and there and voila! My problem was solved. I received an email from her containing all the missing documents. Some documents however, required signatures from the bosses. After sending a soft copy for signature in Mindanao, I received a reply with a scanned copy of the document already signed.

Finally, the deed was done. Hands were shaken. Payment was wired. My business was concluded in Cebu. While waiting for my flight back to Manila, I managed to squeeze in some time to buy pasalubong, read SCRA cases for the next day's class, and finish this blog entry. All these happened in less than 24 hours … all thanks to the internet.

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