Saturday, September 3, 2011

software development

My husband is a software developer, he manages the IT department of his company based in Pampanga. His employers are American-Irish brothers, one is based in Florida, one in Pampanga. They market hospital software that makes data input, retention and retrieval easier. They also market health care coding software, aside from they have a medical transcription department with more than 300 employees which uses the software the IT department produced.

Walking into a BPI branch that has the queuing system, my husband said he could also program a similar software. We're looking into expanding their client base to increase their team's income. My husband put up a website: in order to aid us in this goal, however, i haven't had the time to write articles on it yet as he requested, in order to explain more about what they do, to make packages and basically write stuff that would attract clients. (hopefully this sem-break or before sem-break)

During class last Friday, sir Gigo mentioned that Philhealth was willing to offer the same incentive to community e-centers as they did to NGOs, and i discussed this with my husband, asking him if they can produce a software that would enable community e-centers to register people faster and remit payments easier and reliably.

i've been wondering about what topic to write, and the Philhealth opportunity got stuck in my mind hence this topic.

the problem my husband and i argue about however, is timeline. i am of the mindset of delivering solutions in the soonest possible time, whereas my husband (well he does the work anyway) tends to be slow in producing the algorithms for the products or concepts. he has reason though, such as algorithms do not automatically come up at the same time that i present the possible product or concept to him haha.

it makes me wonder if i should learn how to program as well, and when we can come up with the solution for increasing the pace they deliver products, it's just that their talents with the demand can be translated into hundreds of thousands of pesos if not millions, if only we can fix those bugs.

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