Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google Plus Scares Facebook

After 12 weeks in field trial of invited participants, Google Plus finally opened its doors to the public. Along with this event came a drastic redesign of the Facebook interface. It hid its silly and popular poke function and included subscriptions and smart lists. Does this mean that Facebook is insecure? Is it afraid of getting replaced by a better social networking site the way it killed Friendster and Myspace?

Google Plus does not pretend to do something outside of the services we are already availing. It only promises to do better. The hangout feature boasts of an "On Air" feature, which allows any Google Plus user to tune in and watch. Also, it includes screen sharing of websites, documents and whatever else on your screen. There’s also a sketchpad that allows participants to draw at the same time. Google Plus also makes possible content search within the service while Google Docs in Hangouts is expected to open up the possibility of live collaborative work.

Although Google Plus can be considered a mere copy, it can be observed that the nature of business shows a lot of copying from other successful businesses. Facebook did not become the most successful Internet social network out of nowhere. Even the later releases show that it copied some core concepts of twitter to expand its boundaries even more. Competition is good. One day into the public release of Google Plus and Facebook makes big adjustments; it isn’t going down without a fight.

James Anthony Mina #14

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