Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wish ko lang sa Iphone 5

The Iphone 5 is slated to be released on October 5. Unlike its predecessor which was unceremoniously leaked by a drunk Apple employee when he left his prototype version in a local pub, the Iphone 5 has been kept under wraps with virtually no details about its technical specs and features. Here is my wish list of features:

1) An ordinary (read: no special proprietary AV cables that costs more than P2,000.00) HDMI or Micro-HDMI output that can stream HD video content unto an HDTV.

2) Replaceable battery and longer battery life.

3) Micro SD memory card slot.

4) Dual SIM - heck, generic phones costing ten times less than an Iphone have this hardware feature.

5) A key pad. The touch screen keypad just does not work for me despite the fact I don't usually have problems with 'fat-fingers' on other keypads.

If Apple doesn't deliver on at least 3 of the 5 items above, I have no qualms with skipping this release and waiting for the next. Somehow, I think Apple will no qualms about me doing so.

Ferdinand Manebo Entry #14

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