Thursday, September 8, 2011

long distance relationships

last Friday, September 2, 2011, sir Gigo mentioned that they found out via an informal survey that 70% of community e-centers users are female, looking for husbands.

it made me recall my grandparents' love story, back in the 1940s, where there was no internet, cellphones, pagers, etc. My grandfather who was an american soldier wanted to take my grandmother (named Corazon, nickname: Azon) with him to the United States, but my grandmother's parents who didn't know anything about the US thought that my grandmother might get beaten there, etc. and therefore, they literally tied her up, including her mouth (i don't know handkerchief for the mouth) and hid her, so that when he came looking for her, they said she didn't want to go with him and ran away.

they didn't know my grandmother then was pregnant with my mom, and that my grandfather really loved my grandmother to the point that the woman he subsequently married in the United States, if you'd see a photo of my grandmother and lola Josie (she's american) the photos look like they're identical twins, except that my grandma has black hair and lola Josie has brown hair.

when my mom first found her dad, and then we all met him, lola Josie would even narrate about how my grandfather, grown old as they have, sometimes call her Azon.

They've all passed away by now.

If they had the technology of today, their love story would have been drastically different. They would have emailed each other like in the movie You've Got Mail. They could've sent text messages to each other. There would have been a webcam so my grandfather could've seen my mom as a baby. Both grandparents wouldn't have married other people, i could've been born in the US! hahaha

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