Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Something blew my mind a couple of months ago. This was already shown by sir Gigo in class but prior to that, my dad has already made me watch numerous amounts of Ted Talks. This particular one talks about the printers that can print anything you want. The stage of the printers in this talk is not yet commercial, unlike the one that was shown to us.
What’s amazing about this is how they will revolutionize the lives of all the humans. The video below shows a printing of human organs. They use a printer and modify the “ink” into cells that are compatible with the body of the human. What is weird about this is that you can see your organ being printed. All of these are explained in the hypothetical, with clippings of the printer and the “cell ink” being used to print livers, kidneys, and even a heart.
Warning: Spoiler Alert 

Before the end of the talk, they showed a video of a small kid who had forever struggled with kidney problems. He was shown to be one of their first “experiments” on the printed kidney. His life story was shown and the video ended with him smiling and being very happy with his new kidney.
After the video was shown, the camera was panned back to the speaker who was with this teenage boy who turned out to be the child in the video! It was explained that the kidney was functioning for years in his body without any complications. It not only tugged at my heart strings but it also brought the idea of this printer to a whole new level. Aside from the fact that it was hypothetically possible, this human was walking talking proof that it was ACTUALLY real.
By Trisha Isabelle F. Fernandez Entry #07

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