Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Billy Boy Bully

With the advancement of technology and the major change in communication where a humble computer user can reach out not only to their friends but to their idols, stars and politicians through accessible mediums such as facebook and twitter. It has not only empowered the computer user but unfortunately, it has given him an undeserved sense of entitlement to everything from private communication and information (the dawn of paparazzi and TMZ) and put him on his high horse all with a click of the mouse. (please note that I am not talking about everyone who uses that computer. But chances are, if you reacted, then that means that you are guilty of this. Haha)
All of these ungodly elements put together results to a number of people feeling more than welcome to comment whichever way they want without any editing of the tongue and voila, cyber bullying. A couple of friends of mine have been subject to this unstoppable and unimaginably hurtful type of bullying and I’m telling you, it starts with sharing a video or quoting a comment, elevates to mild opinions on the topic, develops into hurtful comments then (and I do not kid) elevates into cursing and death threats.
So for the sake of everyone, please take note of the following steps by Michelle Boykins in her facebook blog:
·  Don't pass along cyberbullying messages
·  Block all communication with cyberbullies
·  Set an example and discourage your friends from bullying others
·  Report cyberbullying to a trusted adult/official
and my own additional tip:
don’t let it get under your skin, take it as a joke but know where to draw the line.
After all of that, my ranting is now paused. Sorry for being a bully, DPWH and MMDA (but please do your jobs next time!)
By Trisha Isabelle F. Fernandez Entry #09

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