Thursday, February 23, 2012

hAPPiness # 3: &

One of the absolute must-have applications is ' with Thesaurus.' It boasts of almost a million words defined and 90,000 synonyms all accessible without an internet connection and at zero cost. Hence, hassle-free. It also lists example sentences, non-standard uses, and etymology.

Searching is no-brainer. While typing the letters of the word in, the app lists down possible words so one can just click it when the desired word appears. The words are also hyperlinked so it's easy to jump from thesaurus to dictionary.

I dislike though that it requires the internet for two very important features: for 'Audio Pronunciation' and 'Similarly Spelled Words.' It's also required for the 'Word of the Day,' but that's not much of an issue for me.

There's no reason not to have this on your Mac or Android product.

But if you're a student of the law, chances are you'll find yourself in an encounter with some obscure legal term, not available in the general English dictionary. Lucky for us, there's an app called 'The Law Guide' (Law Dictionary & Guide) by, with a searchable database of some 8,500 legal terms. There are also other features in the tab called 'Resources' but I haven't had the opportunity to use, because it contains primarily laws, case reviews, and legal forms of the United States, and requires an internet connection.

This is of course a free alternative to the application for Black's Law Dictionary, which costs a leg and an arm for $54.99.

Verdict for Necessity.
Verdict for The Law Dictionary & Guide: Useful for law students and lawyers.

Mary Rhauline Lambino, Entry No. 10

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